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Feel Better With Allevia Physiotherapy

My Name is Tiffany-Renée Steinberg I am an RMT, I am specializing in Therapeutic, Sports, Hot stone (perfect for the cold season), prenatal, basic lymphatic drainage and relaxation services provided at Allevia Physiotherapy. My area of specialization is in severe cases and neglected areas or cases that have not been properly attended to by previous professionals. We use essential oils to soothe muscles, offer a cooling effect, relax and ease tension in the body. Therapeutic massage is a target treatment to rehabilitate and restore mobility and improve function. Relaxation or hot stone for digestive issues, insomnia relief, relaxation, stress relief, mental ease and circulation increase. Each of my patients I attend with care, respect and results. Customizing each and every session to your exact needs using a variety of tools and techniques to treat, heal, rehabilitate and soothe. Assessement, history and aftercare are a must and you will have everything you need to prepare you for your recovery and healing journey after each visit.  

Let’s turn your pain into prosper! Book with Ms. Steinberg Hope to see you there!